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An essential book for anyone planning to visit Scotland’s Distilleries. From a background history to open times and from technical information to finding each distillery, with over 200 tours to choose from, this book is indispensable.

Flexicover, 224 pages, 190 x 114m (7 1/4 x 4 1/4inches).

ISBN 978-0-9935099-0-2

RRP £9.99

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by Sheila McConachie & Graham Harvey, photography by Graeme Wallace

100 Ways with Whisky and Food

From their restaurant in Speyside, Scotland, Sheila McConachie and Graham Harvey have spent some considerable time learning and understanding the characteristics within differing Scotch whiskies. These findings have been used to create a range of recipes that compliment or contrast with the various whisky flavours, perfecting the best balance to enhance but not overpower the food. From traditional Scottish and local recipes to some new creations, the Whisky Kitchen presents over 100 mouth-watering, tempting and easy to make recipes including starters, main courses, sauces, desserts and baking. These are fantastic recipes, that have truly been transformed by the addition of Scotland most recognised drink. Supported with full colour photographs throughout.

Hardcover, 228 pages, 255 x 200mm (10 x 8 inches).

ISBN 978-0-9554145-7-2

RRP £19.95

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by Alison Mary Fitt, illustrated by Keith Robson

For centuries, crofters across the length and breadth of Scotland put their excess barley to good use by making what they called "uisge beatha" a warming drink that helped keep the cold nights at bay. However, since they started stored their precious liquid in oak barrels some of it has disappeared. Could the whisky thief really be an angel?

This book takes a light hearted look at one explanation for The Angels Share!

Paperback, 32 pages, 170 x 240mm (7 X 9.5 inches).

ISBN 978-0-9561211-7-2

RRP £5.99

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by Gavin D Smith & Graeme Wallace

Ardbeg - A Peaty Provenance is a large format 216 page book published as a tribute to the distillery's 190 year history and to recognise the past 10 years of its remarkable revival from closure and dereliction to becoming possibly the most sought after whisky today. With a detailed history, setting the record straight and highlighting some overlooked figures, the book gives an intriguing and complete account with contributions from former and present employees together with Ardbeg fans and collectors. Colourfully and attractively written, the story is supported with many large and stunning images, both historical and current.

A must for every Ardbeg enthusiast and a captivating book for all, regardless of the level of interest in Scotch and the making of whisky.

Hardcover, 216 pages, 300 x 230mm (12 x 9 inches).

ISBN 978-0-9554145-6-5


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